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The Badacsonytomaj Windsurfing Sports Club had its statutory meeting on July 7, 2006, after the initiation of Károly Kruchina Jr. in the previous year. The Metropolitan Court registered the organisation under the code ’12.259’, declaring it a public utility organisation on November 24, 2006.

Our Aims:

To advance the windsurfing life of Badacsonytomaj and its area (Szigliget, Badacsonyörs, Badacsonylábdihegy, Badacsony etc.), to popularize Badacsonytomaj and the windsurfing sport, and to strengthen the friendship of the windsurfers in the area.


’Surfomania’ means to be crazy about windsurfing. It is to describe our fanatic love towards this sport. Rumour has it, that once you have experienced  ’Gliding’ you become a fanatic windsurfer. No one has claimed the opposite thus far. Besides windsurfing, the group is strongly attached to Lake Balaton, Badacsony, the Káli Basin, the whole northern part of the lake, and last but not least to the famous Badacsony wine-growing region and the Badacsony wines.

Management and Supervisory Board: 

Chairman: Károly Kruchina Jr.
Honorary chairman: Krisztin N. László
Co-chairman: Bence Nagy
Deputy chairman: Bálint Lajtai
Chairman of Supervisory Board: Péter Lichtnecker
members of Supervisory Board: Borbála Gyõri, András Farkas, László Fésüs
Sports managers: Anikó Nagy, Rita Nagy
Contestant with the most medals: Orsolya Burián, Bóna Péter
Graphic designer: Mark Zimmermann
Marketing expert: Gábor Kardos

The content of the website:


Here you can check out the photos of the windsurfing club members.


Don’t hesitate to drop a line about windsurfing, ice surfing, roller surfing, kite surfing, extreme sports, accounts of windsurfing experiences, and advice. You can also put an ad on the forum in connection with windsurfing. Should you want to sell your equipment or think about buying new windsurfing accessories, put your ad on our forum.


Learn more about our members who are all fanatic windsurfers, and who are crazy about this sport.


Our map helps you find your way when planning to go on a windsurfing holiday. The map shows street names to help you approach the windsurfing spot.


Enjoy the website of the Badacsonytomaj Windsurfing Sports Club!


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